Finding ways to connect with customers through a direct and captivating experience can be difficult. USPR Network members have brainstormed, planned, executed and managed hundreds of local and national events of every size, including retail grand openings, tailgating parties, mobile marketing experiences, product unveilings, celebrity meet-and-greets, outdoor concerts and festivals, Guinness World Record attempts and community fundraisers. All coupled with outstanding media outreach to spread the good word about your Public Relations and marketing efforts.

Cabot Mac & Cheese

World's Largest Mac & Cheese

Cabot Creamery Cooperative, in conjunction with New Orleans Chef John Folse, earned its third Guinness World Record with a 2,469 pound bowl of Mac & Cheese. Multiple non-profits were involved in the public downtown event, which helped to raise $21,000 for New Orleans Habitat for Humanity.

Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart Conversion

As a cross-promotion with The Simpsons Movie, 7-Eleven, Inc. transformed select convenience stores throughout the U.S. into Springfield's own Kwik-E-Marts. Shelves were stocked with iconic Simpsons characters and products, including Squishee drinks, Buzz Cola, Krusty-O's Cereal and pink frosted donuts. The promotion won dozens of national and international awards and generated millions of dollars in added value media for the 7-Eleven brand worldwide.


Swiss Alps Tour

The Toblerone Base Lodge brought the Swiss Alps to cities across the United States. Activities included a rock climbing wall challenge, green-screen snow shots, outdoor curling game and free chocolate samples from the Toblerone Snow Patrol. 

Ray Lewis Raven

The Old Spice Raven landed in Baltimore, giving hundreds of Ravens football fans the chance to have their picture taken with Ray Lewis' space-travelling bird.

"Are You Game Enough Tour?"

Nintendo and Blockbuster created the largest-ever interactive mobile game arcade and took it on a tour of 70 cities in 36 states to promote interactive entertainment. Supported by a comprehensive PR campaign, the three-month tour covered 25,500 miles from New York to Dallas to Los Angeles and showcased some of the best video games on the market while offering parents tips for selecting, renting and purchasing age-appropriate entertainment.